What is Seo And Type of Seo

Do you want organic traffic on your website or want to boost your website’s traffic? Then you must have to read this article. In this article, we are going to talk about Seo. Seo stands for search engine optimization. It is a process where we use some techniques to grow your website traffic. So in this article, we are going to talk about Seo and And There Types.

What is Seo?

Seo plays an important role to bring organic visitors to your website. There are several methods or technology which are used to grow your website traffic. Like Keyword research, On-Optimization, Off-Page optimization, technical Seo of your website.

Benefits of Seo

1.Quality of Traffic:- For example if you are running an affiliate marketing website and you want a targeted visitor to your website. In that case, if you have done SEO of your website then you could generate lots of leads from your website.

2.Organic Result:-  In Seo you don’t have to pay for traffic. People will automatically come to your website.

Type Of Seo

There Are 2 Type of Seo 1 is On-Page and Other is Off-Page Seo.

1.On-Page Seo:-  On-page SEO is all about the optimization content of website and website overall performance. In On-Page we focus on several factors and these are

  • TitleTag:-Your keyword should be into your title tag.
  • Add Keyword into a Heading tag
  • Check your URL Structure
  • Alt Tags for image
  • Check website page speed
  • Add internal linking into your content
  • Make Page to Mobile Friendly
  • Add Social Tags
  • Make Web Page User Friendly and Mobile Responsive
  • Add Meta Description

2.Off Page Seo:-  Off-page Seo is all about increasing the authority of a website by getting a link from other websites. There is a various technique that we used for off-page SEO.

1.Guest Posting:- Guest posting is one of the best methods in off-page SEO. You can find a relevant website in your niche and ask them for a guest post.

2.Broken Link Building:- Broken link building is another one of the best methods of backlink building. You can use a tool like ahref and enter your competitor website and find the broken link in the backlink section. And write an article on the keyword and email him that you have found a broken link on their website and you have a written a better article. So you can ask them to link your content.

3.Forum Submission:- Participate in search forums that are related to your website and business and make a connection with that community. Reply to threads, answer people’s questions, and give your suggestions and advice. Make use of “Do-Follow” forums.

4.Blog Directory Submission:-Directory Submission is constantly working to build quality back links. Choose an effective directory and select a proper category. It takes quite some time to deliver good results, but these results stand out over a longer time period.

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